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Pregnant Belly Casts by James

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 Use an experienced fine artist to create your one of a kind
beautiful body belly casting.

Not pregnant?
Yes we can still make a cast.
 See more examples here



For pictures of the steps see the Preparation page.
side casting Belly and breasts,
body casting
full torso casting with  artistic frame partial casting with artistic frame

Specific prices decided upon discussion but here is a range.

Stomach Casting $400-$500
Breast Casting $400-$500
Basic Front Torso Casting, belly & breast with no hands, dep on size $600-$800-$1000
 Custom, special creations $1000-$3000+

I specialize in belly cast, belly casting, belly casts, pregnancy belly cast, belly cast kits, belly casting kits,
pregnant belly casts, pregnant belly painting, plaster belly cast, and pregnant body cast. Contact me for an appointment.