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 Use an experienced fine artist to create your one of a kind
beautiful body belly casting.

Not pregnant?
Yes we can still make a cast.
 See more examples here



For pictures of the steps see the Preparation page.

Can a casting be done in my home?

Yes, castings can be done in my studio or in the comfort and privacy of your home.

What kinds of castings are there?

Each fine art pregnancy casting is created directly from your body and can include partial casting, side profile, or full torso.
side casting Belly and breasts,
body casting
full torso casting with  artistic frame partial casting with artistic frame

What is it made of?

Original designs are made out of plaster (extracted from the alginate mold). Other materials such as bronze, fiberglass, hydrostone, and resin can be developed from the original plaster casting. These are all possible for a lasting finished work of fine art.

What can I cast?

You cast the belly or the belly and breasts. You can choose to have your hands/arms included to touch or hold your belly. There is a variety of choices to choose from, you can get some ideas from the photo gallery.

When should I cast?

To capture your belly at maximum size, most women wait til later in the pregnancy, 7th to 8th month.  You can also make a series of casts to catch your belly a growing sizes.

Who can be there with me?

If you choose to have it done at my location, you can have 1 adult with you at the time of casting. Sorry no children if being done on my premises.  Otherwise at your location you may have who you wish.

What is the price?

Prices range from $500 up to $3500 or more depending on which part you want cast, and the material chosen for the final piece. 

Can I wear clothing?

Yes, if you wish, bare skin makes the best belly cast, although you can wear a bra above and underwear below the casting area if you desire.

How is payment made?

A non-refundable $300 deposit is due upon reserving a date for your casting. The balance is due on the day of casting. Payments can be made through pay pal account.

How long does it take to get the final piece?

Project times run from three to four weeks following body casting session.  More time is needed for specially designed and bronze pieces. 

Do I have to be pregnant for casting to be done.

No, I also do non-pregnancy castings, just contact us for a quote.

 What does it cost? Specific prices decided upon discussion but here is a range.

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